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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  February 13, 2020 6:00am-9:00am PST

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some surprises prepared. largely advocated and this is not just about president trump, >> if you'd like to be part of a tim kaine and i brought forward future audience, g go to fox and and sign up. similar resolutions during the obama administration so it is not aimed at any particular president, it is aimed at the principle that we shouldn't be taking our country to war on the >> sandra: a fox news alert decision of one individual. now, a startling spike in new that is what the framers of the cases of the coronavirus as the number of deaths skyrockets more constitution clearly decided and we think we ought to honor that. >> ed: some of your republican than 15,000 new cases reported colleagues are sharply opposed to this move and they do believe yesterday alone bringing the total to 60,000 worldwide. it is about president trump and meanwhile, there have been more iran, here is republican cory gardner on the program a than 1300 deaths total. little earlier, listen in. good morning, i am sandra smith. >> ed: i am ed henry. >> today's resolution will make the united states appear weak glad to be back home in with you. and divided should it succeed. the president has a a 14th key is now confirmed here responsibility and obligation to consult and work with congress, in the u.s., the patient among but that doesn't mean the the hundreds evacuated from president should unilaterally be stripped by congress of his china, now an american couple is ability to protect this country describing what it's like being from terrorism. quarantined on the diamond >> ed: a fair shot for you, princess cruise ship off the react to that. coast of japan for a week now.
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>> the resolution itself has an express provision that says the >> just got tested for the president retains the power to coronavirus in our cabin o on te defend the country to react in a diamond princess. >> we are definitely concerned. way against any attack, let >> the workers have a mask and resolution is going to be an gloves on when they pass us a amendment in a few minutes which meal and then we try to wash her i am going to vote for that's hands before we eat it just to going to reiterate that. but where i differ is it doesn't eliminate any kind of germs that we can possibly. strip this president of power, to mike benjamin hall is it basically says this is what tracking all of this live from london this morning. the constitution says and we ought to honor it getting into a war with iran is a big deal. >> there has been some optimism very sophisticated military aid that some cases were cooling off in the situation was getting on the verge of war three and a better, saw about 2,000 new half weeks ago and all this says cases in the last few days and then this dramatic increase over is if it is really important for the last 24 hours. us to enter into a war like 15,000 new cases bring in the that, that congress should say worldwide total to 61,500 new so and again, i keep coming back to the express words of the deaths. china says this big number as a constitution, this isn't result of the new methodology to something anybody made up recently and it is something that we have been fighting for diagnose new cases. for five or six years around now permitting to diagnose on here. >> ed: we appreciate you the spot rather than having to wait for lab results. coming in and explaining your views and we will watch the
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debate closely, thank you. the fear is many people remain >> sandra: now the story you've been waiting for, the undiagnosed in china, haven't started to show symptoms yet but still pretty low bk adg school system that has decided to do away with as. the disease. now as a result, they are as. >> ed: where was that when i ramping up their own response sending two and a half thousand military medical personnel to needed it? that is next. wuhan. also least two high-level officials in response to growing public anger against the while off the coast of japan on the diamond princess cruise ship which we saw earlier, another 39 people have tested positive, that brings the total to 218. there are around 3,700 people on board, they are all quarantined and among them 400 u.s. citizens 11 of whom are known to be infected. in the u.s., state department employees and family members who were evacuated from wuhan on an earlier fight have been released in quarantine at a california military base after all 195 received a clean bill of health. another american evacuated on the later flight has now become
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the 14th u.s. citizen infected. just know now we are hearing the cdc has said is and is preparing for the disease to take a foothold in the u.s. and is likely that it will spread. >> sandra: we are getting word out of a press conference from the cdc so we will have that a couple hours from now. benjamin hall, thank you. >> ed: staying on top of that but also democrats meanwhile calling for a brand-new investigation after the justice department overruled federal prosecutors to recommend a lighter sentence for president trump's longtime associate roger stone. the president arguing stones convictions for witness tampering and lying to congress were simply not fair. >> they treated roger stone very badly. no one even knows what he did. in fact, they said he intimidated someone. he said he had no idea he was going to jail for that, they put him in for nine years, it's a
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disgrace. >> ed: has the latest from washington, good morning. >> this investigation calls for attorney general barr's resignation, he has agreed to appear before the house judiciary committee at the end of next month already senator elizabeth warren is threatening to impeach him and the white house is responding, stephanie grisham had this to say in the last hour. >> elizabeth warren calling for that is very ironic as she was actually trying to run against him for the presidency. we have been knowing on the show that we expected something to come and that they would try to say about the president and this is in a surprise to us. >> congresswoman val demings former impeachment manager said she wants to know more. >> the attorney general has taken the department of justice and is using it as a tool to
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basically free the presidents friends and basically investigate and even prosecute the president's political riva rivals. >> recall this all started after they are requesting lower sentencing guidelines and initially given. critics pointing to a midnight tweet by the president as cause for the change and it prompted all four prosecutors on the case to resign. the doj said the president's tweet had nothing to do with it. meanwhile, she has confirmed that she posted a private facebook post criticizing his decisions. no clip shows a history of anti-trump bias and yesterday a judge denied a request from the defense for a new trial but just moments ago a spokesman for roger stone said fox news this reaction saying mr. stone and his defense team are diligently reviewing the newly reported information to determine the
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appropriate next steps. roger stone is sent to be sentenced next week but we will see it a lot could happen between now and then. >> ed: absolutely, thank you. >> sandra: a lot could happen. editorial paged up at the editor and fox news contributor joining us now, good morning to you. the president continue to make the case that the sentencing was unfair, the treatment of roger stone has been unfair, what do you see happening next and all of this? was the sentencing fair? >> i don't think it was fair, it's been pretty clear that it was a stretch, stone was the >> sandra: it is time to go beyond the headlines, a basis for these applications to much-needed moment away from the the fisa court and that has been fast-moving new cycle each and every day and one school district in wisconsin has now pretty much discredited and roger stone was a tangential decided to scrap the traditional grading system of a through f to figure in the trump campaign as well and i think we are going to have to revisit a lot of the keep students from feeling prosecutions that took place stressed at school. joining us now is reporter at the national review and a based on what the fbi was fox news contributor. so students are increasingly reporting. going to get the dayroom report
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which we are hoping is going to stressed, we see reports of this so is this a good idea? provide some clarity about >> i don't think this is going precisely what the fbi, the cia to help because if you were the kind of kid who does get and the foreign intelligence stressed out about school and i services were doing. was certainly one of them roger stone got caught up in myself, you're still going to know what the good one is and that. >> sandra: meanwhile what what that bad one is, it doesn't you're hearing from democrats as matter what you call it and more investigations, they want calling the lowest one emerging. ag bill barr to resign. >> they've been after his scalp exceeding is you get an ex, the for a long time and it's because he is more than anyone in washington at the moment the one student consistently exceeds who is pushing backinst the grade level expectations for the end of the year. conventional wisdom about the if you are meeting expectations, russian collusion narrative and the rest of it. i think bill barr wants to reform the institutions down the student meets grade level expectations and then there is there such as the fbi, have lost a lot of credibility with the developing, developing majority of the american people understanding and approaching grade level expectations for the end of the year and to your and he is intent on getting some point, the last one which is the lowest one, the student begins to show an initial understanding sort of credibility back into of grade level expectations to those institutions and of course that means the establishment is the end of the year. going to try to take him down. so what is the student who is doing nothing? >> the emerging thing might be >> sandra: stephanie grisham was on last hour but also true for some students, they tweeting it looks like they had might be struggling, but they keep trying and then they will
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get it and they will pay off. significant bias and things they for others, it is just not true. were learning there, at that everything else and it is not little billy is at home and the looking good for the "justice mom is looking at the report card saying you are emerging. department." final thoughts on that? no, you are playing video games all night. >> the justice department again here are not bringing your books have to clean up the stables, home, you are not emerging at went through that period during anything, you are lazy. the russian collusion when they >> sandra: i get that all kids are different in progress at had people pushing those different levels so i know that they do try to look at if there arguments and i think is just is a better way, maybe this trying to get to the bottom of isn't that. that. but the sooner we get past this >> stick to the grades and allow teachers to take make little whole thing that went on to the last two years in the trump notes saying he is getting administration, discredited most better or he never did his of it, said it was no time to homework once. i was a good student. move on. >> sandra: you were sitting in this chair before we all left i stressed over my grades and first through third grade, i for new hampshire and you said wasn't the best student because i was quite easily distracted, i joe biden's demise, here is your had some trouble in a classroom piece in setting but then i grew up a "the wall street journal" dated little bit and now i have no democrats biggest problem isn't trouble at all in an office bernie sanders, it is that many voters doubt the party's ability to govern anymore. setting.
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did you do your homework? >> i wrote about the fact that >> ed: that's a good question i know you're not going to believe it but i was a pretty forget all of these poor student and my mom takes personalities running for credit because she used to say where is your homework and i president, bernie sanders, would take out a piece of paper pete buttigieg, the rest of and be like i don't know. them. i am arguing the democratic party has simply run she was outraged that i had all out of gas. like that, so she put me in a was a low turnout in iowa, back new school and i give my mom credit but when you are asked in new hampshire so many voters were voting for bernie, whether you were a good student, basically flipping a coin amongst the other fourth and it there is a long pause there. >> i was valedictorian of my reminds me of what happened to the labour party and the high school, so show me some respect. united kingdom, the socialists in france. >> sandra: dropped the mic. which party simply get tired and i think this party really looks >> ed: in the meantime. tired, it goes back to the administration of franklin delano roosevelt nearly 80 years i use it to buy makeup... ago in government year after travel... ...clothes, electronics. year that period and they've to me, rakuten is a great way to get cash back become incompetent to run the on anything you buy. stuff they created. sign up today and rack it up with rakuten. and my examples were what's happening in the cities of new york, los angeles, san francisco, homelessness, crime, affordability problems. those areas that are blue and
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run by democratic politicians are at the moment not performing well as government. people are voting with their feet. we have census bureau saying people are moving out of northeast into the mountain states into the south to get away from democratic governance. and i think that is their problem. they have no new ideas other than proposed more spending, bigger programs that they can't manage efficiently right now as it is. >> sandra: other than hunting donald trump and the democratic party stands for. many asking themselves this question this morning. thank you. >> ed: the fbi meanwhile joining the search for a 6-year-old girl who vanished after getting off a school bus right in front of her home. the latest on her disappearances raising even more questions than answers. >> sandra: new fallout from the botched iowa caucuses as a high-profile democrat now resigns. >> trying to rein in
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president trump's war powers against iran. while they hamstring the commander-in-chief when it comes to dealing with tehran? cory gardner joins us live next. >> i can't imagine why we are doing this now. it makes conflict more likely, not less. if this passes, the president will never abide by it, no president would. if you've been dreaming about tender wild-caught lobster, dig in to butter-poached, fire-roasted and shrimp & lobster linguini. see? dreams do come true. or if you like a taste of new england without leaving home, try lobster, sautéed with crab, jumbo shrimp and more, or maybe you'd like to experience the ultimate surf and the ultimate turf... with so many lobster dishes, there's something for every lobster fan so hurry in and let's lobsterfest. or get pick up or delivery at
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>> it's funny, american airlines status right next to each other. everything is going great. >> sandra: it was cool and it was a big week, it's going to be the next few weeks. nice to be back on the ground here, cover the news, thank goodness for that. thank you for joining us all weekend we will see you tomorr tomorrow. >> melissa: a fox news alert, new york governor andrew cuomo is set to deliver our news conference at any moment now, comes out of a vague meeting with president trump at the white house later this afternoon. the two are expected to discuss their suspension from the dhs trusted traveler program amid a battle of all the states
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sanctuary policies. we are keeping a close eye on that situation, we will bring you any pertinent comments as soon as they happen. but first, eight short days after the president's acquittal in the senate, democrats calling for attorney general william barr to resign and demanding another investigation. after the doj
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>> ed: the chairman of the iowa democratic party is stepping down. announcing his resignation saying iowa voters voters deserve better after last week's caucus fiasco. technical problems with the new voting app led to a big delay in reporting the results and inconsistencies in the final numbers and no clear winner. a partial re-canvassing is now set for this weekend. >> should not be at war with iran unless congress votes to authorize such a war. while the president does and must always have the ability to defend the united states from imminent attack, the executive power to initiate starts there. >> sandra: a resolution the president's war powers against iran limiting military action unless they sign off on it for the resolution is expected to pass with bipartisan support.
6:16 am
colorado senator cory gardner is a member of the foreign relations committee enjoins us now. good morning to you. you're a very important voice in all of this, what do you see that happen without vote today? >> every senator needs to ask the question, will it ever rest be more likely to attack or will they be less likely to strike if they believe we are strong and united. today's resolution will make the united states appear weak and divided should it succeed. >> sandra: what role should congress play in those decisions? >> we have a constitutional role declaring war, we have a constitutional role and oversight, the administration, the president has a responsibility and obligation to consult and work with congress but that doesn't mean they should be unilaterally struck by congress of the ability to protect this country from terrorism. that flies in the face of the
6:17 am
constitution. many of my colleagues who seem outraged when general soleimani was killed. this is a terrorist who was responsible for hundreds and hundreds of american deaths and yet somehow as they seem to be weeping at his desk, that is outrageous and doesn't make the united states stronger. but we have to do is stand up against terrorism including the world's leading sponsor of terror, iran. >> sandra: it is very important for country security that the united states senate voted for the war powers resolution, this is not the time to show weakness. if my hands were tied, iran would have a field day and it sends a very bad signal, the democrats are only doing this as an attempt to embarrass the republican party pair that was the president's word on this, when it comes to dealing with tehran, what are the next steps for the united states in the white house and that? >> the united states has to
6:18 am
engage europe to a level that they have so far refused to engage with. strengthening our sanctions and need to continue to be tough when it comes to terrorism in and around iran and its proxies. we have made it clear that we will not tolerate the deaths of americans either directly at the hands of iran or through their proxies which we will consider at the hands of iran. that is strength and iran respects strength. what they will act against his weakness. any sign that the united states is weak, any sign that congress is divided or trying to fight the president and his ability to take on the terrorist will ultimately lead to greater attacks and vulnerability when it comes to the united states. her men and women in the region and also here at home, that is irresponsible so my colleagues believe that is okay to weaken the president, that is the wrong step for this country. >> sandra: want to throw these names up on the screen, as many as eight republicans are expected to vote for the resolution directing the
6:19 am
president to terminate the use of armed forces and hostility against the republic of iran. me g.o.p. senders yesterday. >> the last thing we need is another aimless protracted conflict in the middle east. and from the other last thing we need is to have such a conflict occur without congress even authorizing it. in any event, war with iran is currently neither warranted nor consistent with our strategic interests. >> sandra: quick reaction to that? >> we are not at war with iran, we are at war against terror and we have the authorities to take out terrorists and terrorist activities in iran is the leading sponsor of terror and i agree, congress has the power to declare war but the president has a constitutional obligation to protect us from terrorism.
6:20 am
so let's not confuse the two issues. we need to make sure we are protecting the american people and i would just urge my colleagues who would support the war powers resolution if you are a religious zealot in iran, are you going to look at the united states and same they are strong, they are united, they are together, we'd better attack now or are you going to look and say they are weak, they are divided, they are conflicted, let's attack now? i would say division and weakness will lead to attacks and that's what they are thinking. when the united states is strong, we make a difference. when we make a determination to turn our backs to walk away to lessen are resolved, that is when terrorism strikes and when bad actors come in. >> sandra: i want to get your final thoughts on the roger stone case and others renewing their calls for bill barr to resign over the sentencing in the doj asking for a lesser sentence.
6:21 am
>> in many ways, they have become the party of trump because all they want to do is investigate and impeach, they want to continue this. justice will be served on the rule of law will be followed but the american people are tired of what they have just been through and we should turn to those things the american people are desperately looking for, solutions on high health care costs, solutions to earn more wages, record wage growth in this country in record numbers of people that work. those of the areas of focus that people expect us to turn to. instead, they want to turn to continued impeachment and investigations and try to continue to stymie the economic work that we have been able to do. >> sandra: we appreciate you coming on and reacting to all of that for us this morning, thank you. >> ed: in the meantime, a big meeting today at the white house on that federal ban on new yorkers applying for the trusted traveler program. will the president and the governor andrew cuomo finally see i tie in a manner of keeping americans safe in this guy? >> sandra: plus a push to end
6:22 am
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>> ed: this alert, defense secretary mike best for a meeting with afghan military leaders today to discuss a possible peace deal with the taliban. the white house considering an agreement that would withdraw the last u.s. troops if they can improve their commitment to a reduction of virus over a period of seven to ten days. a former cia station chief serving in moscow, iraq, and pakistan fox news contributor, good morning. u.s. officials say that no deal will be sign unless we can have that reduction of violence over seven to ten days but can we really trust the taliban either over seven attend a period or or over any period of time?
6:26 am
>> the first thing we need to highlight is the taliban is not a monolith. is many disparate groups, one of which plays the very leading role, the deputy of the taliban. as they are the ones we've been responsible for a multitude of suicide attacks on people in afghanistan and they would be considered irreconcilable. so there is going to be some concern i think i'm a part of the united states as well as our afghan partners about whether we can split off elements of the taliban and deal with those irreconcilable parts. >> ed: has just spoken to reporters at the nato headquarters in brussels just in the last couple of moments, said some things you would expect saying he won't elaborate on this seven to ten-day period, went on to say "u.s. of the taliban have negotiated a proposal, progress has been made and will have more to report on that soon." are we starting to see a bit
6:27 am
getting to the end of america's longest war? >> i think for sure we are in the key for rest is dialogue which has so far eluded us. you get to the point where the taliban is actually meeting with the president's team, then we will be on the rightover the hoe draw a distinction between ongoing resins of some small number of u.s. troops, viewers will recall we have lots of troops in europe and the korean peninsula and an endless war in which we have currently 12,000 troops in afghanistan doing a lot of fighting and support. we may need to be there in some form or fashion to preempt terrorist threats before they are visited on our shores. >> ed: to your point, had this to say. the president had made it very clear they will have to be a reduction in violence, will have to be meaningful intro afghan toxins you just noted for things to move forward.
6:28 am
afghanistan does not become a safe haven for terrorism again so bottom line going back to the 2016 campaign, they promised the american people they want to end the so-called endless wars but it seems how does he strike the balance of fulfilling that promise will keeping us safe from terror? >> the fact he is trying to fulfill that promise is really important. isis is in afghanistan and pakistan region at the head of al qaeda is still at large in that region, so i think it is laudable that the administration wants to bring the troops home and we will do that if we can but it would also be a dereliction of duty on our part and i'm sure the administration recognizes that. we leave without dealing with all of those threats, still the risk of it being a petri dish as it was before 9/11 to cause risk to our homeland and that's something we need to be
6:29 am
concerned about. a delicate balancing act. >> ed: the specter of 9/11 hanging over these talks. appreciate your insight this morning. >> sandra: democrats slamming attorney general bill barr for their justice department's handling of roger stone's sentencing, but are the president's critics off base on this? we will ask andy mccarthy here to weigh in. and a massive ongoing search for a missing little girl and south carolina, the latest on that investigation and why it may be raising more questions at this .9 answers. we will have that for you next. >> investigators are working around the clock to go through those videos and look for leads and information that will lead us to bringing say home. what'd we decide on the flyers again? uh, "fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance." i think we're gonna swap over to "over seventy-five years of savings and service."
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6:34 am
roger stone. here to talk about it life is andy mccarthy, good morning. so we heard william barr i will come up and talk to the house judiciary committee on march 31st. is the case of democrats be careful what you asked for because they are now going to get william barr and he's going to explain himself. >> first of all, he is very good at explaining himself. i was remind people that before he was attorney general the first time, he ran the office of legal counsel at the justice department which is the lawyers that make policy for the whole the second thing is the outrage here as people understand what this is actually about and what nonsense this is, that will annoy people. what we are talking about here is a recommendation that the justice department makes in every case to the sentencing judge about what the guidelines. >> ed: the judge can overrule that and say you made that and i'm still going to go with this.
6:35 am
>> that's exactly the point, completely not binding and in fact, the even stuck with the guidelines, a zero to 50 years exposure under the statutes he got convicted on. she can sentence him to zero or 50 years and she knows that, there is nothing that is in either justice department for the guidelines apply that she doesn't know from both the justice department letters and the probation department which gives a report to the judge in every single case. >> ed: all of that suggest there may not have been anything inappropriate about this suggestion now to the judge right there we all know well, federal judge and trey gowdy was on with martha last night and sounded off, watch. >> fox news commentators we give them life tenure so they could make these calls but the notion
6:36 am
that bill barr should resign as the dumbest thing i've ever heard. a united states senator believes that the head of the department of justice cannot weigh in on what a proportional sentences, there are child pornographers who don't get nine years. and there are people who rob banks and don't get nine years. >> when i ran a satellite u.s. attorney's office, we prosecuted the head of the mafia on a racketeering case that he got a six year sentence because that was what we had on him so it is true. >> ed: on the other hand, is it appropriate for the president overseeing all this when his appointee, the attorney general for him to weigh in on twitter? yes, he's got a first amendment right to say what he wants but is it appropriate for him to at least appear that he is pressuring them? >> it is not prudent. it brings a lot of stuff to the table like does he have the constitutional authority to do it? not only has he got
6:37 am
first amendment rights, all executive power is reposed in the president in our system and prosecutions and executive power. should he do it? no, because he undermines the ability of his justice department to function and what i would be worried about is if anything comes out of the durham investigation, if the president continues this kind of pattern, what he is fueling is a claim later ron that that investigation is just a political tool and i don't think that's what he wants to do. >> ed: meanwhile new information and servicing this morning the jury for person in the stone case, all kinds of social media post suggesting strong dislike, maybe hatred for the president of president of the united states, judge napolitano was on "fox & friends" as morning saying there should be a new trial. put aside all the other questions about the sentencing that was inappropriate. do you agree with that? >> we have to start with all of the facts have to be gathered together like what is the lawyers know about this, what could they have found out about
6:38 am
it during the trial emma was this explored during the war to qualify them, was there any misstatement that was made by the jurors and i was puzzled, how did the trial lawyers since this was going on during the trial, how did they not know what was happening? >> ed: you have a piece up at raising the question to the president just toss all of this aside, short-circuit the process and just part of roger stone. >> it would be much better for him to do that than to carpet the justice department and create the appearance of the justice department may be bending the rules to help people at the president president looks with favor on. he would be much better off to pardon them, take the way forward if there is a political way to be taken, the president has a very strong argument about the nature of the investigation against him, i don't know how much political weight he actually has to bear but it would be much better if he stepped up to the plate and took the weight for doing that rather
6:39 am
than appear like he is trying to pressure the justice department. >> ed: appreciate your insights this morning. >> sandra: the fbi joining the search now for that missing 6-year-old girl, faye swetlik. finished monday while playing in her front yard in south carolina. gillian turner is following this from the d.c. bureau this morning. >> actively involved in the investigation into this girl's disappearance, 1 of 4 law enforcement organizations working together here on what has become a massive search for faye swetlik. breaking overnight, released a video showing two vehicles in the neighborhood during the time she was last seen on monday afternoon in cayce south carolina and just a few minutes ago they announced via their facebook page that thinks the tips, the chevrolet trailblazer has been identified but investigators still seeking information about the silver sedan in the photos in the post.
6:40 am
authorities say they have launched a hotline for people to share information about her. we want to give you that number. is 803-205-4444. she was last seen monday after she got off her school bus in the city of churchill heights neighborhood playing in her front yard. authorities described her as having strawberry blond hair, blue eyes, and she was wearing polkadot boots and a black t-shirt that says peace. in a press conference yesterday, the public safety director said it doesn't appear to be an abduction but we will keep you updated on that if anything changes. they also say they're going to do whatever it takes to bring her home. take a listen. >> we are going to keep getting the word out until we bring her home, that is our mission. as you watch the footage, remember, go back 16's facebook page and we are going to be
6:41 am
pushing out information as we get that. >> residents are continuing to knock on doors, we just got off the phone with a local who drove past her house this morning, told us it's a very active policing out there and that the volunteer effort now underway is really massive. two men gillian turner, keep us posted on that, thank you. >> ed: meanwhile, john kelly letting loose on president trump, the former white house chief of staff pulling no punches about his time in the white house coming up. plus, michael bloomberg's campaign building and am a mack momentum saying he is set no match for bernie sanders or president trump. ♪
6:42 am
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that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated... ...with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression... ...or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you. >> ed: police releasing footage of a stabbing spree in a california starbucks, the attacker toting a machete. coming after a woman later identified as his ex-girlfriend. you can see him chasing her behind the counter when another
6:45 am
man steps in and getting stabbed in the process, the attacker eventually walked outside and gave himself up. he was convicted of assault. the hero's name is blaine hodge. the musician was hospitalized with wounds that require dozens of stitches. the medal of honor society cited him for his single act of heroism. >> sandra: michael bloomberg spending a lot of money, million dollars a day on facebook ads over the past two weeks. five times the amount spent by the trump campaign trump campaign. joining us now, new york post columnist, happy to have you here this morning all fresh back off the campaign trail in new hampshire, good morning to you. he is spending a lot of money, what does it mean for his campaign and for the democrats? >> i think it is disastrous for the democrats. this is someone who is not being tested like the other candidat candidates, seeing the process in iowa and new hampshire, seen new stars and old stars fade away. bloomberg is just their spending
6:46 am
$350 million without getting into the fray. how do the voters know if he can actually go toe-to-toe against donald trump if he won't even go toe-to-toe against his fellow democrats? >> sandra: so what is the answer to that, can he? >> you have a man with $70 billion. this is unprecedented. he has more money than anyone, he can buy his way into the presidency and i think that's a worry for america. >> sandra: you suggested in your piece this morning a lightweight michael bloomberg already proving he has no match for sanders or trump, you make the case that he has already made mistakes and he should have been taking more notes from the president trump playbook and has already been apologizing for some of his policies while mayor of new york city. >> not just the president trump playbook, the bernie sanders playbook. donald trump and bernie sanders are two sides of the same coin. they are populist, alpha males and they have the courage and their convictions.
6:47 am
they would never do what michael bloomberg has done and apologize for probably his greatest achievement as mayor in new york for 12 years, he drove the crime rate down following from rep rudy giuliani had done. part of that where policies like stop and frisk and now repudiate them instead of saying i made black communities safe, i saved black lives which is the truth because now that both policies have been wound back in new york, we have seen a 30% rise in shootings in the last year i had a 14-year-old boy playing basketball in queens was shot by a stray bullet the other day because the police are no longer doing what they used to do when bloomberg was mayor. to apologize for that i think -- every parent no matter what race wants their child to play basketball without being killed. why is he apologizing for that? the proof in the pudding is in the fact that his black vote has gone up 20 points so obviously it is not really a hindrance for
6:48 am
him, he should've just stood by it and be proud. unfortunately, he is showing coming up again sanders or tru trump. >> sandra: criticism this morning, a first read off the second full screen, a piece this morning on stop and frisk law and order in this entire situation that he is facing as the first whiff of criticism, folded, apologized and repudiated the policies that were his greatest legacy as mayor. why apologize for policies that took guns off the street and saved black lives? now there's talk about this redlining situation, back in 2008, let's watch and listen together. >> the term where banks took hold, people in this neighborhood are not going to be able to pay off and salesman
6:49 am
don't go into those areas, congress got involved because local elected officials as well and said that's not fair, should be able to get credit. >> sandra: faced a lot of criticism, julian castro saying the bloomberg campaign statement out now saying something bad, the financial crisis followed something good which is the redlining he was part of as mayor. at the campaign spokesman, final thoughts. >> it is interesting, he has a long history in public life, 12 years as mayor and a billionaire amassing a huge fortune. he has on record saying things that probably will catch him up in the campaign. it shouldn't matter if he has the courage of his convictions if he comes out and he is just aggressively attacking his critics but he has a very mild-mannered man so we haven't seen him in action, still to come but i think he is going to it very difficult in the cage fight that he will have to be in
6:50 am
with trump if he has a nominee. >> sandra: final thoughts as we come out of this big week of politics, who came out on top this week in your view? >> bernie sanders did, he has an enormous passion of young people that you don't see with other candidates, dueling rallies in manchester, both enormous crowds. aoc as a charismatic sidekick. will be hard to beat him and i don't think the democratic machine is going to be happy with that. >> sandra: great to have you here this morning, thank you. when that call it amazon prime real estate, jeff bezos setting a new record, how much the head of amazon paid for his brand-new digs in beverly hills. charles payne on that coming up. >> sandra: christina cook back on earth after having the longest space flight by a woman and now letting us in on the awe-inspiring experience.
6:51 am
>> i jokingly say that i kind of forgot that i was floating when a new crew comes in and are so excited about loading. ance so you only pay for what you need. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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6:54 am
>> ed: astronaut christina cook speaking out about her longest space flight, phil keating has a story from miami, good morning. >> ever since she was a 5-year-old girl, she had one big dream in life to become an astronaut and after years of hard work, focus, and drive, she made it happen. >> we all live on a great plan and it's great to be back. >> christina cook has been around the world, 5,248 times. the nasa astronaut returned to our planet last week after
6:55 am
record-setting journey of 130 million miles in space. 328 day mission second only in length to astronaut scott kelly's historic 340 days in space. >> the first thing i did after i went home was to reunite with my dog which was wonderful, she was very excited and then we took a family trip to the beach. so got to take in some of the sights, sounds and feelings of just being back near the ocean and some of those things that i miss so much. >> also made other space history as she joined fellow astronaut and friend on the first ever all-female spacewalk last year. the women ended up doing tomorrow as well. her advice to little girls with space streams, relish it all. >> even floating, i jokingly say that i kind of forgot i was floating until a new crew would come and they'd be so excited about floating and i'd say i guess we are floating, aren't we? it was really neat to see that transition. >> nasa's artemis mission aims
6:56 am
to land on the moon in 2020 for just four years from now. that would put a male astronaut as well as a female astronaut on the lunar surface. cook is among the astronauts in contention, she said if picked she would absolutely go. >> ed: that is awesome, thank you. >> sandra: fox news alert, china now reporting a spike in the coronavirus and the number of cases we are seeing after the change on how the infections are tracked. but it all means for the spread of that virus. plus, the doj reversal on roger stone's sentencing recommendation calling for democrats to call for the resignation of ag bill barr. republican doug collins is here to respond next.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
when that staggering new numbers out of china this morning with a number of coronavirus cases is now skyrocketing, more than 15,000 new cases reported yesterday alone. that now brings a worldwide total to more than 60,000 confirmed cases. the cdc will have an update at 11:00 a.m. eastern time and reaction in just a moment from the infectious disease expert at johns hopkins. now to this fox news alert, congressional democrats upping the ante today against attorney general william barr calling for his resignation over the handling of the roger stone case. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." >> sandra: good morning to you, all for federal prosecutors
7:01 am
withdrawing from the case. when the doj overruled their sentencing recommendations from seven to nine years and one of them resigned, stone was convicted of seven felonies including lying to investigators and witness tampering. standing by the attorney general but some democrats say bill barr needs to go. >> we should all be calling for the resignation of the attorney general. you want, the attorney general can be impeached, we can't just sit on our hands. this president will be in control through the november elections and he has indicated that he feels no constraints. we've got to get out there and fight back. >> ed: let's bring in the a-team, pulitzer prize-winning journalist and a fox news contributor. former deputy assistant secretary for strategic
7:02 am
communications and public affairs at the department of homeland security and main street columnist for "the wall street journal," former speech editor for george w. bush and a fox news contributor, welcome. elizabeth warren's campaign is in bad shape, that may be a factor in her now going after william barr, a good whipping boy for democrats but at the end of the day is there anything there? >> i don't think so. the attorney general certainly has the authority and this is more of the same. what it really is, the attacks show they know he is effective in what they are really worried about is what the prosecutor durum comes out with sometime later this spring or in the summer. >> sandra: the white house very strongly coming out and defending the president's decision, stephanie grisham was on fox news and the 8:00 hour this morning defending it, he or she is. >> the president is absolutely right, the sentence they wanted to give roger stone is excessive. he has said repeatedly he didn't get involved, he did not speak
7:03 am
to ag barr. >> my position on this is that ag barr weighed in and i went from a maximum sentence recommendation to a minimum sentence recommendation so i think it's a little overblown. is a recommendation to a judge so now it goes to the courts to decide whether roger stone needs to be serving his time or not so if the democrats attack on this to me is overblown. i think the president always needs to be careful of undue influence over our justice system and there's always a question market of tweets and what is implied over influence or not. is he just commentating first amendment right or otherwise and that's kind of a question here. >> ed: you been waiting patiently. >> i don't think there's any question about the intent of the president's tweets, he has nothing if not transparent. he clearly wanted his friend to get a lenient sentence. he should not be interfering in justice department procedures.
7:04 am
he knows that even though "the washington post" reported the decision to recommend a lower sentence was made before the president's tweets, what the president has done has undermined his own attorney general. to make you think the original sentencing was fair? >> i think given what roger stone is accused of doing, it is up to a judge to decide and yes, i do think intimidating witnesses is a serious crime. >> ed: it still is up to the judge. they can overrule william barr in the present and everyone else and say it's going to be nine years the critics have said the sometimes get four years in ja jail. seven serious as witness tampering is, what about that disparity? >> i think what roger stone was accused of is actually pretty serious in our political process but it's not up to me or donald trump to decide, the judicial process, can we just
7:05 am
look at the process here in the extent to which bill barr has repeatedly intervened on behalf of the president almost anticipating with the president wants him to do. >> sandra: as you know, this has gotten political to the point where elizabeth warren the 2020 presidential candidate. >> we are in a world where everyone can weigh in on the sentencing except for bill barr who is the attorney general. i am not a fan of roger stone, i think he has done a really clownish things. i think sentencing guidelines were disproportionate that they got and the president probably made it harder for his attorney general because it looks like the decision was made before but he does have the constitutional authority to do it and basically people who hate trump will attack bill barr for this. >> after the judge makes the decision if he thinks this was unfair, he has the authority to pardon so that may bring political ramifications but is completely appropriate under the
7:06 am
constitution. >> i find it very interesting that president trump has not said he's going to pardon roger stone we would know we all think he's going to because he is running for reelection. >> sandra: did not mince words on how he feels about democrats call for bill barr to resign, here is trey gowdy. >> the notion that bill barr should resign as about the dumbest thing i have ever heard. i can tell you this, bill barr was aware of this recommendation before president trump never tweeted a single syllable so the notion that bill barr was somehow motivated to move because of this tweet is just factually wrong. >> sandra: contrast that with adam schiff tweeting for those who were convicted of lying to cover up his crimes, he writes "trump urges lighter sentences and dangles pardons. he retaliates against witnesses and public servants." >> now read just getting to baseline politics. for the democrats, elizabeth warren is desperately trying to hang onto any sort of
7:07 am
relevancy in the selection in the democratic primary, but they are using this attack on the attorney general to reinforce this narrative that trump is corrupt so it needs to be viewed in all of this within that lens, that this doesn't have teeth because the process was appropriate and the judge has not even determined whether or not what's going to happen to roger stone, but it really is just political. >> ed: after iowa and new hampshire whether the big win was michael bloomberg in terms of democratic chaos. we heard it where he talked about crime in minority communities raising eyebrows, then these comments from 2008 have surfaced on redline, listen. >> there was a lot of pressure on banks to make loans to everyone. redlining if you remember was the term where banks took hold neighborhoods and said people in
7:08 am
these neighborhoods are poor, they're not going to be able to pay off their mortgages, tell your salesman don't go into those areas and then congress got involved in local elected officials as well and said that's not fair, these people should be able to get credit and once you started pushing in that direction, banks started making more and more loans where the credit of the person buying the house wasn't as good as you would like. >> ed: full context there, a short while ago, the bloomberg campaign gave our show this statement as mayor they say mike attacked predatory lending as a philanthropist, helped other cities craft innovative strategies to reduce divisions because he knows how important it is to keep people in their homes and mike has detailed plans for how he will help a million more black families buy a home and counteract the effects of redlining in the subprime mortgage crisis. >> i have a unique take on
7:09 am
michael bloomberg, i think he was a very good mayor. i am not a fan of his, a lot of his policies on guns and claimant and social issues are not mine, but i don't think he's a racist and this is because he is running for president and they are trying to attack him with racism so separate the two remarks, he said that all the time as mayor on his weekly show and what he meant and what he was saying was very and delicately put an imperious sleep but as he tends to put it, but mostly true in terms of the crime and the murders and that statement about throwing his up against the wall. how do you get the guns away from them so they don't kill themselves or kill someone else this is a politically orchestrated thing because it looks like he's rising to the redline. the only bad credit was in poor neighborhoods but he's absolutely right that the crisis was they should've got these
7:10 am
loans, wasn't confined in minority areas but it is essentially right. it's hard to say that he is a racist, i think it is unfair and i think he found in his big mistake on stop and frisk was to apologize for it. he has incited the identity politics players to just go double down on this attack and can take credit for how many lives that he did save because of this policy. >> for the very reasons that bill doesn't like michael bloomberg, i do. that shouldn't come as any surprise but i think this is another instance in which we are going to see bloomberg's previous statements as mayor and as a businessman come back to haunt him on these are going to be used not only by donald trump, but by his fellow candidates because if you think this is bad, wait until you see
7:11 am
what he said about ukraine. he basically said russia had a right to annex ukraine. we haven't even gotten to the foreign policy yet but this is part of a strategy to defeat michael bloomberg to make sure he never comes close to the nomination and people are worried about that. >> sandra: karl rove's take in "the wall street journal"'s watch out for bloomberg, the rates can bite and worn survive new hampshire, but bloomberg looms. he says biden was one of the night's biggest losers and hoping for a turnaround in south carolina but his campaign is in intensive care. things look even worse for elizabeth warren, she had money to play through super tuesday but mr. sanders dominates the left wing lane and amy klobuchar seems to have taken control of the female lane. now needs a miracle. >> you are getting the drip against michael bloomberg because i think people are really scared because taking the nontraditional path the primary
7:12 am
which is focusing entirely on super tuesday states and flooding the market. he is basically running a slick marketing campaign. now the social media starting to get on instagram with the memes and popping up on all these random things and it's funny and it is humanizing and i think the other candidates are little scared because they've gone through this early process where they've gotten call them a lot of their previous statements and bloomberg is going to slide and without any sort of challenge to that. hasn't been in front as many asking questions to reporters. >> ed: real quick on the incumbent here, president trump. john kelly gave a speech yesterday, has a piece saying john kelly lets loose on trump, questions the presidents approach with kim jong un and north korea among other things and said she was disappointed by what kelly is saying.
7:13 am
talk big picture about the president, john bolton writing a book, john kelly giving speeches. >> i worked on the other side, i was in the bush white house and i am disappointed when people that leave and administration go out and tell all, i am much more inclined to opt for the general medicine model. he was not treated well by president trump on the way out. he called him a lousy general or the worst general but he has mostly kept his silence, so that said i agree with some of his concerns about north korea and so far on the substance but i think it is very unappealing when you are in a white house, you are privy to a lot of things, people speaking extemporaneously and i just think that you owe a little more to your country. is hard for me to receive someone like that then defending colonel vindman who had a policy difference with this president. >> ed: the last word on it?
7:14 am
>> i think john kelly and the others were speaking out are worried about the institutions that support democracy and that's what you're saying and that's why they are speaking out. in general, i would agree with you but with this president, a lot of lines have been crossed. >> sandra: do you think it's fair game to do so? think you two are a team this morning, great work. >> ed: the president meanwhile set to meet at the white house a little later today will they will discuss a possible compromise on the administration's controversial ban on new yorkers using trusted travel programs. our correspondent doug mckelway is live at the white house with what we can expect. >> good morning. the trusted traveler program, why has it become such a linchpin in the movement over the sanctuary movement? it is a simple way that dhs can expedite the screening process for people who fly abroad frequently or for truck drivers
7:15 am
who transit from mexico or canada. they need access to the records. you've been convicted of a crime, you don't qualify, a sanctuary state and governor andrew cuomo don't want the fence to have access to new york's dmv records. they have threatened to revoke the status. >> the federal government says how can we verify them, who is who? so it really leaves dhs and others at the federal level in a tough spot and of course immigration officials have no way to enforce the law would spend an extreme position and i think you will probably start to walk it back. >> andrew cuomo was coming to the white house this afternoon and then attempt to strike a compromise with the president over it giving qualified access for dmv records on a case-by-case basis. >> i have no problem with them
7:16 am
looking at the database for trusted travelers, but that's not what it's about. it's about political opinion, it is about punishing. >> of this narrow offer is being made by governor cuomo, is not going to be enough to allow the trusted traveler program or will they seek to result a larger issue? >> it is a sanctuary movement itself. >> the sanctuary jurisdictions, the state of new jersey is actually asking the sanctuary policies obstruct federal law enforcement, they just don't inhibit federal law enforcement. >> ed: we have some other breaking news. >> sandra: fox news alert now, just hearing of another confirmed case of the
7:17 am
coronavirus here at home bringing the total number of the united states to 15 now. brand-new details on that just ahead. >> amid the roger stone sentencing controversy, the ranking member of the house judiciary committee where he will soon be testifying, doug collins is straight ahead. build attendance for an event. help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage, and got them back on track. get started at with our moving and storage solutions. pack what you want, we store it for as long as you want. then, we deliver it where you want, so whether you need to move or store your things, pods is here to help you with flexible moving and storage solutions. dropping to near record lows, my team at newday usa so whether you need to move or store your things, is helping more veterans refinance than ever. the newday va streamline refi is the reason why.
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>> sandra: we've got breaking news now o on the coronavirus outbreak, the cdc now confirming another case here in the united states bringing the total to 15, the latest case in texas, china reporting more than 15,000 new cases yesterday alone. also waiting for an update from health officials on the global outbreak from the cdc that will be happening top of the hour. until then, a senior scholar at the johns hopkins university center for health security and infectious disease. thank you for your time this morning. first question, how big of a threat does this virus posed to us here at home today? >> you have to remember the majority of people have a very mild course of illness that they don't require hospitalization and they are not dying outside of china. so we have to prepare the united states we are going to
7:22 am
have an outbreak of this virus with sustained human to human spread, going to inundate hospitals that we need to prepare for it. it's not the end of the world but we are g and 12009. >> numbers suggesting they recategorize how they retur determine how someons it and whether they've been misleading everyone about the number of cases come with 60,000 plus confirmed cases now, over 1300 confirmed deaths. "the wall street journal" has a front-page story today about the world health organization now coming under fire, questions about whether they trusted china too much. what are your thoughts on that? >> it is less an issue of trust rather than testing so what happens is you have to do is sophisticated test. what's going now as they are inundated with cases so they are using less strict criteria on
7:23 am
clinical symptoms to be enough to count as a case. we know that there are many more cases because they are not testing mild cases. what they are testing our people to go to the health care facilities so they know there is a sea of people with mild cases similar to the common cold and how many people are really affected is much larger than what we are hearing about. to my predicting an outbreak here in the united states, what are we currently doing to prepare for that? as far as the ability to take in these patients and treat them, what we need to do to be prepared for that? >> we need to get hospitals to dust off their pandemic influenza plans and update them, so that may look at icu bed capacity, supply chains, looking at how they use experimental antivirals, scaling up diagnostic testing which is a major issue and getting the health care system ready to deal with a lot of patience because we run near capacity had a bad flu season can put a hospital into dire straits so this is
7:24 am
something we need to think about now while we have the time. >> ed: at the beginning of all this, is there going to be a pandemic when you say now hospitals need to break glass basically and get out the pandemic plans, do you believe it's a pandemic and what is the significance of that? >> i do believe it is a pandemic, we are in the beginning stages of a mild pandemic. they were mild cases all over, so a pandemic is something that scares people. this is going to look a little bit like h1 n1 did in 2009. hospitals are going to be stressed and that's why we need to think about how we are going to manage this now before this actually starts in full force. >> sandra: there was so much we didn't know about this virus when we first started hearing about it, what are we learning more about it today some of the spread of the disease, the
7:25 am
treatment of it and how deadly it is? >> this virus does have the capacity to spread human to human, sars couldn't do that and that's why i am saying we are in a mild pandemic. we are learning that it is going to be accelerating, some compounds working against us but we don't know quite how this is going to be, there were many patients who have mild diseases so if you see fatality rates and 1% or 2%, we suspect they are going to drop as we understand the full breath of this infection, really behaving a lot like the common cold causing coronavirus for some intermediate severity and those that are at high risk, older people, those with medical conditions but other questions about how severe it's going to be and what that will mean for us in the future. >> ed: appreciate you coming in today. >> sandra: thanks, doctor. >> ed: in the meantime, the coronavirus outbreak not only a major health concern.
7:26 am
>> sandra: it could potentially get the u.s. economy and that is a big question today, what a majority of economists are now predicting, how that is affecting the markets especially this morning. moneyman charles payne on that next. >> there are also companies that are going back to work in china as we speak. we won't know for a couple of weeks whether the virus is going to peak or whether it's going to spread. it's time for the ultimate sleep number event on the sleep number 360 smart bed. can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 36 months. ends monday.
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one method out of this fox news alert, just now learning the familiar faces returning to the white house, the senior administration official tells fox news will be back in the trump administration where she will serve as senior counselor to the president. will work directly with jared kushner. she will not be involved in communications and her start date is still to be determined. has served as executive vice president and chief communications officer for the fox corporation. >> sandra: meanwhile, on the peace talks with a kick taliban, defense secretary mark vesper confirming a reduction of violence proposal is on the table. >> ed: life with the details, good morning. >> good morning, just a few minutes ago, defense secretary mark esper finished speaking at nato headquarters where offering new details about what they are negotiating. >> they have negotiated a
7:32 am
proposal for a seven-day reduction in violence. we will have a report on that soon. >> met his afghan counterpart, continuing consulting the proposal. is notable this proposal is not a cease-fire. details remain unclear. he was not specific on when a reduction in violence actually means and refused to answer reporters question during the seven day window. said any further negotiations for the taliban would be conditions based. also held meetings in brussels with general scott miller, the head of u.s. forces in afghanistan. miller says he can cut the number of troops down from 13,000 to 8500 but privately pentagon officials warned any reduction below that number could impact counterterrorism operations. there is a special operations task force whose mission is to go after isis and al qaeda. after nearly two decades of war and over 2400 americans killed.
7:33 am
there have been a record number of strikes in afghanistan over the past two years between 2015 and last year, up nearly 700%. pentagon officials also want to keep u.s. troops in afghanistan because they don't want pakistan's nuclear weapons to fall into enemy hands. >> sandra: fox business alert, "wall street journal" survey of economists saying u.s. growth could take a hit due to the coronavirus. moneyman charles payne, seems like there is an attribution to the coronavirus for the sell-off we are seeing in the markets today. anything to that? >> we have to put in context, yesterday rally 275 points, shattering all-time record highs, so we are giving back a tiny fraction of yesterday's session, so having said that, there is some new math going on in china, a new way of evaluating the cases, so the numbers naturally have gone
7:34 am
higher because they have brought not the methodology of it. does bring back some of the anxieties a lot of people have being transparent and forthright about this whole thing. the fact that overnight it would jump this much. outside the province, they continue to go lower. as far as the global economic impact, that is a moving target. as long as manufacturing is down, as long as you have an entire province of 60 million people that is essentially a big ghost town, we know it will have some economic reverberations here but i think also most people believe it is going to be temporary, one quarter event, two quarter event right now. this was addressed yesterday by the fed chairman testifying to the senate banking committee and here's what he said big picture. >> overall, the background we see strong job creation, all of this happens in the context of a good strong u.s. economy and into that picture comes the
7:35 am
coronavirus. the question for us is what will be the effects on the u.s. economy. >> sandra: in addition to him saying there could be an impact, he is talking about a good strong economy. >> the one thing he talked about is not only is this economy good and strong but has helped tremendously middle income, lower income, poor people. of people across all racial -- he has echoed what president trump says of every campaign, echoed it to both the senate and congress, the keywords that he used with respect to coronavirus is persistent and material. how persistent will it be to determine material impact still up in the air. >> ed: does the fed chairman need to go to south carolina and brief the candidates? they keep saying wages are awful for americans in the jobs picture is bleak even though unemployment is down, not trickling down. >> it is so bad, we are in the midst of what you would call shared prosperity.
7:36 am
morning consult as a consumer pump competence report every single day. yesterday had another record high. numbers through the roof and it's an old checklist and of course they are always going to be people that you could say not everyone is participating but that is disingenuous right now. for me, i think the argument that bernie sanders wants to make those sort of candidates is the 1% is making more makes more sense to say we are not living in a great american boom right now. >> sandra: are we talking a real estate, a beverly hills purchase? >> there's been a lot of buzz about how much stock he is selling because he sold a couple billion dollars worth in people wondering what was up with that. at least we know -- i thought he was going to buy estate myself. but how much for? >> ed: we have aerial photos of that. >> it is mind-boggling.
7:37 am
i don't know if i could afford the foyer. let me say, chris rock but it best, the guy was in a divorce and still the richest man in the world so 165 bucks, the proverbial million rather, for me, 65 bucks. it's a drop in the bucket. suggest the economy is still going pretty strong? >> economy is absolutely phenomenal and it's going to stay this way because it doesn't happen like this. success begets success. people go out and spend, businesses hire more people, they go out and spend, it is called a virtuous cycle, we are in the middle of it right now. the reason for it to start, that man is the only one who can be rid of this. we will see you at 2:00 on svn.
7:38 am
>> ed: democrats meanwhile demanding the resignation of the attorney general william barr, they have done this before, back at it for intervention but are the president's critics off base? mark meadows he allied to the president is straight ahead. >> a lot of really hard horrible criminals have gotten absolutely no jail time. this is excessive, this is a top law enforcement officer and has a right to his opinions.
7:39 am
7:40 am
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7:42 am
>> i asked my fellow americans, what is more swampy, what is more fetid, what is more stinking than the most powerful person in the country literally changing the rules to benefit a crony guilty of breaking the law. we are witnessing a crisis and the rule of law in america. unlike when we have seen before. is a crisis of president trump's making. >> sandra: that was senate
7:43 am
minority leader chuck schumer as they demand bill barr's resignation amid a firestorm over a push to reduce the sentencing of roger stone. >> ed: mark meadows joins us now, a key republican ally of the president, thank you for coming in, good morning. your former colleague trey treyy said it is the dumbest thing they've ever heard, your thoughts this morning. >> i agree but even more than that, it is really chuck schumer that needs to be called out on this. they might as well go ahead and call for every single resignation of every single trump administration official because they will get to them eventually and it is one crisis after another. the only thing they can't argue with for the president's accomplishments and yet we have passed criminal justice reform where we really are trying to make sure that the senate
7:44 am
sentence fits the crime and this is a prime example of where that didn't happen but chuck schumer is once again playing politics with a few sound bites and a twitter feed. >> sandra: let me get your reaction to this letter, since president trump took office, we have repeatedly warned you and your predecessors that the misuse of our criminal justice system for political purposes is both dangerous to our democracy and unacceptable to the house judiciary committee house judiciary committee. in your tenure as attorney general, you have engaged in a pattern of conduct in legal matters relating to the president that raises significant concerns for this committee. he overheard elizabeth warren on the campaign trail, also now calling for his resignation, how do you react to that? >> is it a surprise at elizabeth warren's campaign that's going down the toilet is trying to make one last ditch effort to try to get some
7:45 am
headlines. this is all about politics from jerry nadler to elizabeth warren and in between but more importantly than that when we start to look at what they are really calling for, let's look at what actually happened in. we had a fisa abuse, not willing to hold a hearing on that. we have a reauthorization of the fisa process. there is nothing happening here on capitol hill. they are sending letters and sending out tweets that suggest bill barr who is an honorable man who is doing a great job who ultimately will restore the credibility of doj, they are attacking him and i'm going to stand by him in the president not because of any political theory, but because it is the right thing to do. >> sandra: do you have any reservations about the president getting as involved in this as he has? >> for me to be on the media and for us to suggest that the
7:46 am
president shouldn't be allowed free speech, one of our first amendment protections. somehow, we think because he's the president of the united states he shouldn't have an opinion, he has a right to have an opinion. is all about justice and the fair treatment of those here is what we also understand. this whole russia investigation, i have been involved in that more than any member of congress and i can tell you that there was a whole lot of things that my democratic colleagues should be looking at that they look the other way. what about nellie ohr, what about the fact that they knew that michael flynn was not lying we have had three different sources say that but yet he is sitting there in harm's way as well. >> ed: what you see as political bias, not equal justice under the law, you've said before in terms of how a lot of these investigations start, i want to add a new element, roger stone's legal team is put out a new statement referencing the fact that to make a heart, a key juror
7:47 am
overseeing the case posted about william barr on her facebook page and attack the president, resistance movement posed, they just put out a statement to griff jenkins, mr. stone and his defense team are diligently reviewing the newly reported information to determine any appropriate next steps. judge napolitano was on fox earlier today saying roger stone should demand a new trial, what are your thoughts? >> we have a justice system where we allow for a jury of your peers to make a determination so if it were just one driver, i would have a bigger problem with that. there is no doubt that there is bias that there is bias in every single person's decision one way but here's where they should not be biased is when someone is about to be sentenced, they need to make sure that the sentence fits the crime and nine years for what he is being prosecuted for is certainly not appropriate
7:48 am
at least most rational people would think that is an excessive sentence, so the president was right to call it out. >> sandra: i wonder where all that goes next in the middle of all of this, we saw you on the ground in new hampshire, and there are a lot of questions over what happens next with democrats who eventually goes on to become their nominee, based on what you saw happen there, who's got the best shot? >> the best shot in terms of democrat nominees is we saw most for pete buttigieg and bernie sanders they are in new hampshire, but really what i saw the most energy for was donald trump in new hampshire. record turnout and he didn't really have a competitive race and yet he had the vote totals some 40,000 more than any of his predecessors, so as we look at that, i was encouraged by the people in new hampshire and the passion they have. i believe the president is going
7:49 am
to win that but ultimately, it is going to be bernie sanders for everybody to chase down and beat. >> ed: 30 seconds but in your home state of north carolina a few moments ago, michael bloomberg might have something to say on this. he says the president is tweeting about them and seize our poll numbers and is very scared, he knows i have the record and resources to defeat him. a final thought on bloomberg? >> it's interesting, i was with the president last night, michael bloomberg was not a topic of conversation. the only person that he is the topic of conversation for is himself. he is not going to win north carolina, i'll guarantee you that. >> ed: a guarantee from the congressman. >> sandra: thank you, congressman. other states over just the past decade, how politics in the country's most populous state are involvedave that for you ne. year.
7:50 am
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>> ed: fox news alert, monitoring house speaker nancy pelosi speaking to reporters in the capital, we will break in and bring you any news as it happens. >> sandra: we are watching that, meanwhile california losing a million residents to other states over the past decade low in the golden state's demographic turns more democratic every year. how are they connected does this mean on super tuesday quickly approaching? william la jeunesse is live from our west coast bureau with that story this morning. >> it means that california's growing wealthier, more liberal, more expensive forcing 52% of residents to consider leaving including 71% who identify as conservative, many businesses already have. this company leaving l.a. for texas set to add three congressional seats, california losing one. >> we went back and told our
7:55 am
employees we are thinking of moving the company to fort worth, 90% of them were on board. they were ready to make a move so that they could move childre. >> calls california americas were sta quality of life, the worst according to u.s. news almost 700 companies left in the last two years. >> if you're running a profitable company, the number one reason to leave california is taxes, not only taxes on your business, it is taxes on your employees that are so high that you wind up having to pay your employees more to cover for the increased taxes. >> california is going thanks to immigration from abroad. its diverse economy among the world's largest, attacks more college grads than any other state. >> high skilled people move here
7:56 am
regardless, they want the jobs, they want access to these companies them and they are moving here and they will continue to. but i will tell you this, while that is a successful economy, it is not a successful economy for all. >> some super rich and retirees are leaving but overall the state is gaining those who make more than 125 grams under 75. back to you. >> ed: fox news alert on the latest washington firestorm, now trying to get him to resign, the latest on the show down our next hour. every american wants their dollars
7:57 am
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8:00 am
800-630-8900. that's 800-630-8900. >> ed: we promised a dip in when house speaker nancy pelosi started taking questions, let's listen in life. >> is there some establishment that i don't know about around here? who are we talking about here? we respect the process among the people in the field, the members will make their endorsements as they see fit on their own in candidates as they choose. so we are calm, cool, and collected. just because some people may be speaking out about not liking one candidate or another, that's the democratic way, that is politics, it's a messy business. i remind you of how it was when
8:01 am
they had their primary in the last election four years ago how messy that was, but this is -- we are calm, cool, collected. we have faith in the american people and we will be guided by their judgment as we go forward. it isn't a fact. yes, he did. >> our priority was to protect and defend the constitution of the united states. the president gave us no choice in violating separation of power that is contained in the constitution. and that is our goal and again, there is so much malfeasance on the part of people in the
8:02 am
executive branch right now, but the fact is our responsibility is our oath and to protect and defend. but we can point out the disrespect that the attorney general has for the rule of law, for lying to congress and that is really very bad. is not a good thing. is lying to the american people. is lying to the american people under oath. but our priorities are to do our jobs and the american people can lower health care costs of prescription drugs, we hope that we work with the administration to put it together, we hope they don't abandon it as they seem to have at the behest of pharma. we said that we wanted to build the infrastructure of america and increase paychecks and sent throughout the campaign that he was going to build infrastructure. came to prescription drugs to
8:03 am
negotiating like crazy and it appears it might be not at all. and again, lowering the impact of dark money in politics ending under the bill which is part of hr one and seeing the voter suppression and the voting rights act which is part of that, that's what we are doing and that's what we did. i am proud of the courage of our members, reviewed the facts, studied the constitution, made their own decision and i'm proud of the senate in favor of the truth and just so respectful and the decision that senator romney made. that doesn't mean we are going to spend all of her time going
8:04 am
after anyone the henchmen made for the congress of the united states. >> undercuts what we are trying to do in the middle east and what we are trying to do in ir iran. >> the power to declare wars in the constitution, a power of the congress of the united states. it addresses a calibration of the balance between the two. and this is a very long discussion, something i've been involved in for the last 20 years in this ranking on
8:05 am
intelligence and in that position here, i know that, i think the legislation is good, as a little different but it will take it up when we return in the next work period. >> there are plenty in terms of our national security -- we can have a full discussion on this, the war powers act is something that we respect and we would hope that the president of the united states would respect too. in times of our attack, any and all powers are vested in the president of the united states and the reasonable powers act.
8:06 am
what we are saying is, in terms of other decisions that the president makes that congress has a role to play in that according to the constitution of the united states. the bipartisan support for recognizing congress' role in all of this and again our first responsibility is to protect and defend and what to do in a way that does not eliminate the power of declaring war from the congress of the united states. i'm going to have to go to the floor. rarely do i vote unless to break a tie. we haven't had any, but nonetheless, that would be what i would do. but today for my children, my daughters, my granddaughters, my son and grandson, women across america, i welcome the opportunity to cast a vote that will end discrimination on the basis of gender in our
8:07 am
constitution. when becky see the speaker of the house nancy pelosi covering a lot of ground talking about this debate and how it applies to iran and potential conflict there, also pressed about the situation in the democratic presidential primary, all this question about anxiety, angst about whether bernie sanders is too far to the left. she claimed there was no such angst and that she is "calm, cool, and collected." we just came back from new hampshire. some concern in the democratic establishment, nancy pelosi says no concern. >> sandra: also on william barr and calls for his resignation from the party said he has a disrespect for the rule of law. a brand-new trumped we just coming and reacting to the john kelly situation, the former chief of staff lashing out. the president just now saying "when i terminated kelly which i couldn't do fast enough, he knew full well that he was way over
8:08 am
his head. being chief of staff was not for him." a new tweet coming from the president just a moment ago. >> ed: meantime, a fox news alert on the desperate search for a little girl who disappeared days ago from her south carolina front yard. police joined by fbi agents now looking everywhere for 6-year-old faye swetlik to bring her back to her frantic family. i am ed henry come a brand-new hour. >> sandra: i am sandra smith, newly released a video showing faye getting off of that school bus on monday afternoon about an hour later, she was gone. police in south carolina have searched cars, the woods nearby, even people's homes. so far, no luck finding that missing child. >> ed: gillian turner is five in washington this morning with the latest details, good morning. >> good morning, breaking right now is that search for 6-year-old faye swetlik is entering day three, cayce south carolina's police department is updating the public with a new video in the hopes it will lead to faye. you can see her getting off of
8:09 am
her school bus on monday afternoon just minutes before her family says she was seen for the last time overnight, officials released a video showing two vehicles in the neighborhood during the time that this video was taken in. just a few minutes ago from a law enforcement announced on their facebook page that thinks the tips, the chevrolet trailblazer has been identified by investigators are still seeking info about the silver sedan that is in the photos in this post. local authorities say they don't know how faye disappeared. >> we are not sure that she hasn't just walked off and is somewhere in the woods. >> they are also asking for neighbors to share any photos or footage during doorbells and security cameras. it is actively involved in the investigation. law enforcement's working together in this massive search.
8:10 am
family friend attended a prayer vigil last night with the grandmother, both women asked that we not show their face but said this. >> a lot of prayer. we are worried, of course, very distraught, but we are only thinking positive thoughts. >> it just wrapped a couple of minutes before i started this reporter hit, what authorities are saying now is that video is going to be the key to hopefully finding faye. really pressing the local community to come forward with any video that they may have from security cameras, smart doorbells, that kind of thing. they think that's going to be the key to cracking this case. >> ed: gillian turner, thank you. >> sandra: meanwhile a fox news alert on the coronavirus outbreak, centers for disease control and prevention reporting a 15 confirmed case here in the united states.
8:11 am
the cdc is about to hold a news conference that will be happening with a briefing coming moments from now as china reports a surprising surge more than 15,000 new cases in one day alone, benjamin hall following this this morning in london. >> the virus is coming under control because the daily numbers were at about 2,000 and then suddenly this dramatic increase over the last 24 hours of 15,000 new cases making the worldwide total to 61,600 dead. it is down to a new methodology. doctors in china say you are now permitted to diagnose on the spot rather than having to wait for lab results but the fear is that many people remain undiagnosed, perhaps those numbers have been underreported and may yet start to show symptoms and are spreading the disease. they are ramping up their
8:12 am
response, 2,00 2,000 military ml personnel for those that are alreadyficials in response to gg public anger against the government trying to contain that. on the coast of japan on the diamond princess cruise ship, another 39 people have tested positive. to bring the total there to 218. there are 3700 people quarantined on board that vessel. among them, 400 u.s. citizens. 11 of them are currently known to have been inspected. and good news, state department employees and family members are finally being released from a california military base after all 495 of them received a clean bill of health. as you said earlier, no learning that a u.s. citizen has been infected in texas. the u.s. health official from the cdc says they are now concerned they are planning for the virus to take a foothold in
8:13 am
the u.s. and they say it is likely it is going to spread. >> sandra: we are waiting an update on that, benjamin hall, thank you. >> ed: and market reaction for the coronavirus outbreak, let's bring in managing editor of fox business news, good to see you. interesting big picture the markets have been quite healthy but today we are seeing it down, the dow down about 92 points. >> it is almost following the china situation with trade, markets are up to my days are and it markets down. days like this where they revamp this and are worse than thought. >> watching the democratic presidential primary, whether or not bernie sanders is the real front runner, whether he can get the nomination, angst perhaps in the democratic party from "the wall street journal" story about that today, the moderates are worried about swinging too far to the left, said me worry?
8:14 am
calm, cool, and collected. >> we are not worried about this rise of donald trump even though they were panicking at the prospect of he is the nominee we are going to go down in flames and we know what happened with democrats who salivated at the prospect of ronald reagan being the republican nominee in 1980 and would have been there so again and again we are reminded of whatever their fears are stated, there is a lot of back and forth behind the scenes that shows history has a way. >> there was great divide in 2008, goes on to victory, same in 2016. >> they share similar voters, donald trump ones. >> ed: appreciate you coming in. >> sandra: the cdc is giving us an update right now on the
8:15 am
coronavirus, let's listen in. >> what is being done to make sure that they were not more people? >> i am happy to tell you and i was able to share this information with the people still in quarantine today, they were very grateful to get the information but for the most part, the people in quarantine are not doing much associating with each other. they are staying with their families in their rooms, they are a little suspicious of each other, they are starting to get to know each other but all of the activity that we have where we announce new information are all outdoors so that there is less of a chance to spread when you are not doing those things indoors and staying strong. i want to come through these 14 days so they can get back to their family and loved ones. this individual was a solo traveler. >> is there a concern because they are spending time outside of the virus might be able to
8:16 am
spread in those areas? >> is a mention, we are monitoring everyone's temperature twice a day and looking for symptoms and this virus is known to mainly be spread through small droplets, by coughing and those droplets don't spread very far through the air. i understand that people are curious but for the safety of the patient, we are not releasing the name of the hospital. short period of seven incubation period is the time from when a person is exposed to a virus until they develop symptoms. the 14 day quarantine period is designed to cover that. lack of time. so we are on day seven of quarantine now, so we are right in the middle of that potential incubation period. what is not surprising that someone would develop symptoms
8:17 am
in this time frame and we are going to continue to watch people during the 1 14 day quarantine period. so at this time, i don't have any information saying that we would extend it. we are going to do a very thorough investigation on where this patient went when they were in the quarantine, what the room was like, and we will be monitoring those individuals. does the city wants to take that question? >> good morning. i like to first thank the people behind me, this is a team that is put together wonderful templates that i think will be used in other cities around the country, so between the federal and state and local partners, we have done a really tremendous job as far as forming one another and having a plan set
8:18 am
forth. so i can assure that this is a special infectious disease response and is dedicated to this event throughout, will not be used on the streets of the city of san antonio. also, we have over 30 members, the first team in the state has been dedicated as infectious disease response unit. so that happened in 2018. see you have this ambulance dedicated for this mission only and the citizens should expect the tremendous period every single day, this is not going to change that. >> we know many of these people have siblings, spouses, saying there is a professor who is still able to defend quarantine.
8:19 am
>> i am not familiar with that particular situation but i can tell you that the quarantine that people are in here is based on the exposure that is what they are being quarantined for. people who may be married to those individuals or family members of those individuals who have had no contact with them are not at risk to the public. we are keeping them in quarantine so that when they are released, they no longer will pose a risk. the people who cdc has quarantined? so as long as someone is healthy and not having a temperature or exhibiting symptoms, they are not at risk for transmitting that virus to their loved ones so while they may be at home, their loved ones are not restricted.
8:20 am
so we are not going to be releasing details about the patient. i know everyone is very curious about it and they are receiving excellent medical care, they were of course not happy to learn of their diagnosis last night and they do have loved ones in the united states that they are in contact with by phone and we wish this individual well. this patient was identified as having a fever the morning of february 11th and they were transported to the hospital that morning and samples were taken and sent to the cdc overnight and we received the results about 6:00 p.m. last night. so was a little over 24 hours from the time we identified the patient with a fever and until we got the test results back
8:21 am
which is great to have it turn that fast. >> did bringing this person nearby? >> that's a really good way to look at it. you look at the situation in china, it is challenging. i think a lot of people are avoiding going to hospitals they are even when they need care because they are worried they could get coronavirus when they go there. to have these americans residents be back safely in the united states so that when they get sick, they can get the great medical . >> how are they doing looking forward? when your flight gets delayed, it's a long day. >> they have had a tremendous flight delay. they are in good spirits. when i talk to them, they are so incredibly grateful to be here, to be in a community where they
8:22 am
know if they need medical care, they're going to be able to receive it. they understand why they are in quarantine, they do not want to spread this virus outside to their family and loved ones, they of course are counting down the days finding ways to keep busy, they are online with their own electronics, some of them are taking classes. might be university students and still trying to learn they might still be working remotely and trying to carry on life as we call it. >> i'm sure that if we told them they are safe, they would be ready to go at any moment but no. i don't have details on everyone, i can tell you that they all had american
8:23 am
connections, may be married to an american or might be permanent american residents and they were 91 of them so they run the entire spectrum of that. some of them are very strong english speakers, some of them have communication challenges that we have translators on site helping us communicate with them carefully. the important thing is to make sure that their needs are being met, they are comfortable, their health care is there for them, we have a wonderful medical team made up of the disaster medical assistance. that are here forming the core of their immediate health care needs in the facility, prescriptions that need to be refilled and chronic health conditions are being met there and if they have symptoms of coronavirus, transmitted by ems to the hospitals where they can receive extra care.
8:24 am
so this is a virus and we don't have a no proven antiviral that can prevent it from spreading in the body. but these individuals often have what is often pneumonia so you can provide supportive care for patients who have an illness like this to help them be able to breathe comfortably, to make sure they have oxygen to keep their fluids up so those are the kinds of supportive care that would be offered to any patient with coronavirus. [indistinct question] >> so cdc very rapidly developed a test enable state health department laboratories to be able to test for coronavirus here. as part of that process, the states needed to use the kits in their own hands and validate that they were working which was
8:25 am
an extra step to make sure that everything was in place and during that process, they found out that one of the controls was not working well. so these test kits were never used on patients at this point, just the process of making sure everything was working right. so as soon as states identified that, they notified cdc and are correcting it to make sure that the right kit ingredients are going to get out working properly will they begin to use them on patients. for now, anybody with suspected coronavirus sent to cdc for testing and they are working well. >> they will say that i'm in grew the coronavirus was brought here to our community and they don't think it should have been brought here to the community, what you say to those people? >> i can understand how community members may have questions about why this happened in their community but i think it's really important to
8:26 am
also have empathy for people who might be caught in china who should be in america and what it would be like if you or a loved one was over there and what you would want us to do for them. we bring people home and we take care of them and that's what really lays at the heart of ignition. and because we know people have questions and we know they can be confused, that is why this 14 day federal quarantine order was issued so that we could ensure people that this was going to be done safely. >> scientists are working on whether there could be antivirals that might work, developing a vaccine but for me have been very focused on the
8:27 am
day-to-day operations here in san antonio and i don't have the latest information on what cdc and nih may be doing on that. >> i'm happy to answer any questions that you have. when i would say the bottom line is the emergency preparedness has gone according to plan, the state and local health and san antonio residence can continue their lives in a regular basis, the individual has been quarantined according to plan and they will continue to mo moderate the situation. >> so that is different from what's happening. so here in the community, we are
8:28 am
having from mainland china outside of the province which is the epicenter for this outbreak. so u.s. citizens and immediate family who are coming back to their communities from mainland china and they are cleaned vigorously before in flight. they are screened out of the point of entry and that is transferred to the appropriate local health department. so anyone coming back to their county, we get notified of those returning travelers and as soon as we get notified, we reach out to them and a risk assessment, replacing these returning travelers. we do a total risk assessment
8:29 am
and based on those assessment recommendations that came in so i can tell you this much, all travelers who have returned back here have been found to be medium or low risk, they are asked to take temperature and monitoring twice a day and reporting back to the health department every single day. going to be following each one of those returning travelers for a period of 14 days from the time we are in china. so like i said, because most of the travelers hard medium and low risk, they are placing them under quarantine at home. like they have alluded earlier, asymptomatic, the primary driver is when the person becomes symptomatic. so this time, all of them have been deemed to be asymptomatic.
8:30 am
they are not going to work, not going to school, not planning on traveling anytime soon, they are staying home. [indistinct question] >> with respect to how to disinfect after a person with coronavirus may have been somewhere, cdc does have guidelines recommending how this infection can occur and there were many epa registered disinfectants that are approved to kill coronavirus. so there are a variety of products that can be used, so making sure contact services are treated with disinfectants that you have it on therefore enough contact time, those are the sorts of things that are applied in the circumstances. i will tell you that the area
8:31 am
where i work there has wipes everywhere and that's what i've been using. >> what would it take for the 14 day quarantine to be reset? in some cases, a new person diagnosed the 14 day quarantine preset, would it take for that to happen? >> sandra: you've been listening to cdc officials giving an update from san antonio, texas, here in the united states, the rest of the public remains low, that patient as well as some other patients that may have been exposed as a virus or being quarantined. they are not releasing the name of the hospital for the patient safety at this time, but i was a brief update. when i woke up to thousands of more cases out of china, new questions for the world health organization as to whether they
8:32 am
waited too long under pressure from china to keep this a little low-key. the markets are reacting this morning as well so this is still reverberating. >> sandra: much more coming up on "america's newsroom" and a former president snubbed when the school he inspired gets a new name. one back while other schools look to cut down on stress by getting rid of grades. >> sandra: first, because for the attorney general bill barr to resign. we are alive at the white house with brand-new response. out the back. so it fits better than depend. and no one notices. always discreet.
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>> as a result, i have formally requested that the inspector general of the justice department investigate this matter immediately. something agreed just like this demands the inspector general investigate and demands that the chairman of the judiciary committee hold a hearing. >> sandra: and outgoing calls for an investigation as democrats demand a resignation of ag bill barr over the justice department's decision to reduce the sentencing recommendation for a long time trump ally roger stone. and the president is weighing in on all of it. one back first, fox news alert, word of another resignation amid all this drama, john roberts' life with more details. >> good morning to you and this one tangentially attached as
8:38 am
well to the roger stone trial, jesse lu who was the former u.s. attorney for washington, d.c., who oversaw the stone and the michael flynn prosecutions resigned yesterday from the treasury department, was over here in the building just on the other side of the white house because she was supposed to take over as the undersecretary for terrorism and financial crimes. president trump told that nomination yesterday and she resigned soon after. some people are saying with this because she oversaw the stone prosecution and the flynn prosecution or was there something else? we continue to pull on that piece of thread. to the other thing just a week after the president was acquitted of two articles of impeachment, because now for attorney general barr to either be impeached or to resign, people saying that he caved into pressure from the president to reduce the sentencing recommendation for roger stone and will be sentenced on the 20th. they insisted there was no communication between the president and the attorney general over the recommendation that don't get
8:39 am
seven to nine years in jail in the oval office yesterday the president insisting that his recommendation was horrible and very unfair, not political interference. listen here. >> he was treated very badly, nine years recommended by four people that perhaps were mueller people. wasn't disgraced they were treated horribly and their lives were destroyed. >> they are calling for an investigation insisting that bar has to go. >> what the attorney general is done we should all be calling for the resignation of the attorney general, if they won't resign, the attorney general can be impeached. we can't just sit on our hands. this president will be in control through the november
8:40 am
elections and he has indicated that he feels no constraints. we've got to get out there and fight back. in >> resigned after the doj backed off on the recommended sentence, that prompted the four women of the a jury to come forward and support them. in a facebook post, writing "it pains me to see the doj now interfere with the hard work of the prosecutors, they acted with the utmost intelligence, integrity and respect for the system of justice. for that, i wanted to speak up for them and ask you to join me in thanking them for their service." the president accusing hart who ran as a democratic candidate for congress back in 2012 of political bias. the president weeding "now it looks like the foreperson and the jury in the roger stone case had significant bias and add that to everything else and this is not looking good for the justice department. in a statement of fox news, stone's attorney saying we are reviewing the various news reports and after we have
8:41 am
analyzed the totality of the circumstances, we will take appropriate steps. a lot of people including judge napolitano saying stone should get a retrial because of all of this but again, it is just more of the tangled web of washington. >> ed: another day of busy news. >> you covered this place. >> sandra: the bay area school district voting unanimously to rename an elementary school after michelle obama. the pta proposing the change, it will be the second california school named in the former first lady's honor. the facility is currently closed for renovation, but it is expected to reopen this fall. >> ed: one school district is throwing out traditional grades. >> sandra: left students feeling a little too stressed. what those schools will now be
8:42 am
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feel real relief. ask your rheumatologist about cosentyx. >> ed: the senate now gearing up to vote on a resolution limiting president trump's war powers against iran, let's bring in angus king, member of the armed services and intelligence committees. i wonder, what is your goal with this push? >> it was to reestablish with the constitution says witche poe
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